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Mama Cloth

Cloth Mama Pads - Natural and Economical

If you are using cloth diapers for your child it only makes sense to treat yourself to the same reusable, washable, and comfortable convenience of mama cloth reusable menstrual pads.

  • Mama cloth pads offer comfort and piece of mind each month.
  • Cloth menstrual pads do not contain chemicals like disposable menstrual pads.
  • With one simple switch, you are giving your body a break from chemicals it would normally endure with the disposable menstrual pads.
Cloth menstrual pads have been around for a long time, but now mama cloth pads are available in a wonderful variety of sizes, patterns and colors. Available in just the right level of protection. Whether you just need a small liner, a post-partum pad or something in between we offer a lovely variety of mama cloth pads to choose from.

FAQ`s About Cloth Menstrual Pads (also known as Mama Cloth or Mama Pads)

Question: Are cloth menstrual pads sanitary?
Answer: Yes! Simply wash your cloth pads like you would cloth diapers.

Question: Do cloth menstrual pads offer the coverage and protection I need?
Answer: Yes. We have several different styles and sizes to choose from to ensure that the mama cloth pads offer exactly the protection you need from light days to heavy days. Available with inserts to adjust the absorbency of your cloth mama reusable menstrual pad.

Question: Are mama cloth pads hard to use?
Answer: No. The cloth menstrual pads we offer all have wings and a snaps to ensure good coverage and a secure fit. Also angs for a slimmer fit.

Question: Are mama cloth pads comfortable?
Answer: Yes. They are very soft and offer a wonderful fit. It is so much nicer to have soft cloth next to your skin.

Question: Are cloth pads affordable?
Answer: A resounding yes. Just as with cloth diapers, there is an initial order that has to be made, but then mama cloth pads will last you for years. Think of how much money you will save not having to buy the disposable menstrual pads each month.

Question: Are cloth menstrual pads discreet?
Answer: Yes. Simply place your cloth pads in a small pouch and it can travel with you anywhere. Most people wouldn`t even know what it was if they saw it!

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